Damage to political, and politicised, buildings in Greece on 24th March 2012

Minor damage

Published on 27 March 2012

Author(s): Conflict antiquities/samarkeolog

Type:  Blog

Kathimerini has reported ‘minor damage’ to the Information Society Department of the Interior Ministry in Athens; unknown persons exploded camping gas canisters outside the building early in the morning of the 24th of March 2012.

Other unknown persons started a fire outside one of PASOK MP Sofia Giannaka’s family’s houses in Agrinio; it also caused minor damage (‘[n]o major damage’). However, regardless of their connections with politicians, violent attacks on families’ homes are inexcusable; they are a bad sign of the deterioration of the situation in Greece.

(Source: http://conflictantiquities.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/greece-24mgr-damage-political-buildings/

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